Version 1.2

A revolutionary free app that narrows the gap between printed media and the online world, delivering the always-connected experience to traditional printed newspaper reading. Enjoy the natural experience of the good'ol newspaper with the benefits of the internet.

  • Save those interesting articles with just one easy point-and-click
  • Share the articles by mail, facebook and twitter
  • Find online multimedia content about that interesting news
  • Copy and paste entire texts and pictures without using clumsy OCR apps
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS and 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4th generation or later. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection.

Share the articles and news on facebook, twitter or both at the same time, with a custom message

Each poclish result can be shared, sent by email or browsed with safari to read, copy or find more information

Save poclish results for later review


Finds even comments, small news and last-page articles on almost every newspaper!

- Louis

I no longer need to search that interesting news article on the web to save it!

- Jaivier Gary-Zeibal

I can email, share with facebook and tweet about the news I'm reading in the newspaper in my hands, amazing!

- Anne D.

Very usefull tool to scan with just one click and shoot an entire articule, even with pictures! Good bye useless OCR's!

- Augustin Bates
How does it works?

poclish uses state of the art cloud optical recognition to find the online version of any article or news from a traditional printed newspaper, in just one easy step, to browse it, store it for later review, send by email or share using the most popular social networks. Couldn't be any easier!

Does it works with any newspaper?

poclish works with any newspaper with an online version, and sometimes even with those without it, finding the same article on different publications, blogs, syndicated portals, etc. Give it a shot!.

Why do I need a WiFi or 3G/EDGE connection?

poclish processes and searches on the internet for the best match to find that article in your hands, without an internet connection it would be impossible to find the online version of the newspaper, wouldn't it?

Can I use it to scan newspapers or copy the pictures on the articles?

poclish can be used to find articles and news and then copy and paste parts or the entire text of it, including pictures, without having to scan the newspaper!

Good apps for a good world!

Tired of tons of apps that rip you off with nonsense functionalities or unfulfilled expectations, we decied to take a shot at creating a decent and usefull app with a clear purpose, helpfull functionalities, easy of use and a suistainable model.

poclish is the result of hard work focused on building something with a fresh and understandable value proposition, thinking always in the user experience which is our only motivation... at the end we are all users and we all expect the best.

We are committed to develop, support and grow poclish into a mature tool, adding those functionalities recommended by the users, removing bugs and improving the accuracy of the recognition and search modules. We hope our users become our supporters, providing feedback and comments to make the best out of poclish!

The Team

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poclish 1.2

Released on 26/09/11
  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • instructions for better results.

poclish 1.0

Released on 16/09/11
  • Support for newspapers in English, Spanish and French.
  • Native email sharing.
  • Facebook and twitter sharing.
  • Landscape and portrait picture modes.
  • Up to 3 result suggestions.
  • Up to 5 poclishes to be stored at any time.

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